Google launches its own alternative to Apple's AirPods- Pixel Buds

The new Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL are going to be the stars of the show on October 4th

New phone's other feature is ability to summon the Google Assistant AI helper by squeezing the handsets sides.

They both translate and enable you to speak in foreign languages, and worked incredibly impressively in a demo at Google's launch event this week, enabling an English speaker to hold a smooth conversation with a Swedish speaker. Google did not create wired USB-C headphones of its own. It can also send notification alerts to users, send texts and give directions.

The Pixel 2, which the company unveiled yesterday alongside a lineup of new gadgets, isn't the first device created to be squeezed. When listening to a response, the correct translation is played back through the headphones. Last week, Amazon announced the next generation of its Echo speaker, coming out in time for the holiday shopping season, will cost just $100, a price that Google decided not to match.

What is particularly interesting is the integration of Pixel Buds with Google Assistant can help translate between languages in real time on Pixel 2 smartphone.

Unlike the AirPods', two individual earbuds, Pixel Buds' design is more like the wireless offerings from Beats by Dre. The original Pixel did have a headphone jack, but Apple has since upped the ante for smartphones by removing the headphone jacks on all their newest products.

The phone will also have music recognition and an "always-on" display feature that shows notifications even when the device is locked, among other features.

This is a new for Google, which has been top of the operating system and software business, but is now looking to make a larger entry into the hardware business. They come with a charging case that can hold 24 hours of battery life. Customers just have to purchase an unlocked Pixel 2 handset from Google or any of its retail partners and bring it over to Magenta. They are created to match the company's Pixel 2 mobile phone, also unveiled at yesterday's event. Although, the earbuds will be available in November for $159, pre-order of this product has started in the United States from Wednesday.

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