It's high time the Electoral College must be abolished — Clinton

It's high time the Electoral College must be abolished — Clinton

"If it's all my fault, then the media doesn't need to do any soul searching", Clinton wrote.

A few celebrities couldn't miss out of the opportunity to give Clinton some credit where it was due either.

She added: "And then it became clear, this was not necessary. He was focused on solving problems, not placing blame, which was what most of her campaign was about", Sanders said. "She is shrill, and there is a prejudice against shrill women.' How about we stop criticizing how she speaks - which is just fine, by the way - and start paying attention to what she has to say about families and the economy?"

This extraordinary memoir by an extraordinary politician offers flashes suggesting that Hillary Rodham Clinton knows exactly how it happened.

Clinton defended her use of the word deplorables earlier this week.

Even after months from elections, US President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 election, Hillary Clinton cannot make their piece. You don't like that she said Bernie Sanders wasn't a Democrat.

Trump clinched an astonishing victory in November last year to become America's 45th president.

The former first lady told the CNN host she didn't offer 'absolution' for people who did not vote for her but are complaining now.

"Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and everything) but herself for her election loss".

In the book, Clinton cites former FBI Director James Comey's decision to re-open the investigation into her private e-mail server as a primary reason for her loss, as well as Russian attempts to interfere in the election, although she concedes she is also partially at fault. She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!'

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