REPORTS: Ryan Lochte cleared of Rio Olympic incident charge

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U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte has been cleared of criminal charges after an incident at a gas station at the Rio Olympics last summer, USA Today and reported Friday.

Surveillance video suggested Lochte and his pals were stopped by the owners of a gas station they'd vandalised.

Rio police alleged the athletes had vandalized the restroom - breaking a mirror and destroying a poster outside of the restroom.

The three-judge panel, in a 2-1 ruling, noted that Rio police, not Lochte, had initiated the investigation and that the story he first told NBC did not meet the standard of a false report.

Lochte's attorney said in an email to The Associated Press that they were pleased that the court had finally dismissed the criminal prosecution against him.

While the rest of the media sold out as fast as they could so Lochte could metaphorically be executed in the eyes of the public for being a rich and successful white man, I was willing to die on the hill of truth and freedom. When he wasn't in the pool, Phelps says he was in his hotel room watching TV.

Lochte acknowledged he was intoxicated at the time and apologized for the negative attention he brought on the U.S. swim team, but he said he had never sought to involve police in the matter and had not filed a false report.

Prosecutors have 15 days to decide whether they will challenge the ruling, according to USA Today.

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. Now, Stepanova lives somewhere in the United States, and despite the fact that her own doping ban had expired, she was not allowed to compete in Rio. Williams is accustomed to parlaying that stroke into easy points, but Muguruza got back one serve at 113 mph (182 kph) on the match's second point, and another at 114 mph (184 kph) in the third game - and wound up winning the ensuing exchanges both times. Cilic was playing so cleanly until that moment, delivering 12 winners before his initial unforced error; he would finish with a 70-21 margin. The swimmers were involved in a dispute at a gas station and were not robbed at gunpoint like Lochte first claimed. The incident became international news when Lochte was accused of falsifying a police report and making the robbery up.

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