Oculus Drops Wires And Price In New 2018 VR Headset

Oculus chief executive Brendan Iribe is silhouetted while showing off the new Touch controller for Rift

The new $200 wireless Oculus VR headset is based on Snapdragon platform and work with PCs and smartphones, via Wifi we assume. Oculus is also rewriting the download store, so that it is natively accessible from the device.

Oculus hopes that its headset will popularize VR the same way Apple's iPhone popularized the smartphone, Bloomberg reports.

Ever wanted to take a walk on the surface of Mars or slay the things that go bump in the night in a deep, dark dungeon? Although it is still in early development, Oculus plan is to have it capable of streaming VR content from the cloud. According to the report, the headset's code name is "Pacific". Watching immersive videos and social networking with both play prominently into the experience. According to the report, the new VR headset will have a similar interface to Samsung's VR Gear and can be controlled by a wireless remote. By making the VR device into a standalone unit, with its own processing, Facebook could bring down the costs dramatically.

Design: The new VR hardware - currently codenamed "Pacific" - would be more compact than the Rift, and lighter than Samsung's Gear VR headset, one source said.

Facebook is also reportedly prototyping a wireless version of the higher-end Oculus Rift.

If the device releases at the price expected, it'll be interesting to see what sort of price the expensive first wave of VR sets will be going for late next year.

In 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus- virtual reality pioneer at the time-for $2 billion.

Is this the long-awaited Santa Cruz? Expect to see a push from various channels where they deliver news and skits in VR rather than in a studio in front of a camera. Facebook is not a company for the niche consumer - their selling point is how accessible their services are to anyone, anywhere. Today the global market for VR headsets remains tiny. It's not unlikely, then, that Barra may have worked to develop a hardware partnership between the two companies.

Could this be the affordable VR sweet spot to get you on board with virtual reality?

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